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Reaffirming My Own Existence

This site is under construction so don't judge me! Actually judge me all you want because a good site is always under construction. This site will contain many of my ramblings like pointing out chiasmus and if I put a decent amount of work into it, it might just have a small effect on someone's life!

My e-Raven Poem

About ten years ago, when I first developed an obsession with browsing the web and an obsession with the number $ \frac{1}{2} \tau $ (some of you know it as $ \pi $) I discovered Near A Raven and gasped at the ingenuity of it. This type of poem is called a piem and many of them have been made. The idea is simple - set up the poem so that the number of letters in each word is equal to the corresponding digit of the decimal expansion of Pi. The first word should have 3 letters, the second should have 1, the third should have 4 and so on. Put it all together and you have 3.14159265358979...

When I learned about Euler's number in high school, my mind was made up. I simply had to make a similar poem for $ e $. Like Near A Raven this has the advantage of being a faithful retelling of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe with the same rhyme scheme. Even though I had to use some archaic words to make the poem rhyme, I am happy that I was able to consistently put the word "nevermore" at the end of each stanza. Hope you like it!

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