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My e-Raven Poem

About ten years ago, when I first developed an obsession with browsing the web and an obsession with the number $ \frac{1}{2} \tau $ (some of you know it as $ \pi $) I discovered Near A Raven and gasped at the ingenuity of it. This type of poem is called a piem and many of them have been made. The idea is simple - set up the poem so that the number of letters in each word is equal to the corresponding digit of the decimal expansion of Pi. The first word should have 3 letters, the second should have 1, the third should have 4 and so on. Put it all together and you have 3.14159265358979...

When I learned about Euler's number in high school, my mind was made up. I simply had to make a similar poem for $ e $. Like Near A Raven this has the advantage of being a faithful retelling of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe with the same rhyme scheme. Even though I had to use some archaic words to make the poem rhyme, I am happy that I was able to consistently put the word "nevermore" at the end of each stanza. Hope you like it!

To Reclaim A Radiance
To "Ravenize"

I consider my Midnight very weary, memorable, cumbersome, erie,
Awful to now think, "How hollow, depressing, is folklore?"
Betwixt such slumber, a tap noise, by number,
Rewoke me, with vibrating shudder, shaking doors.
"Intrude on naps?" Shunned, reabhorred.

Certainly, the memory coalesces, precisely anamneses,
Dying emberous rings, casting real nightfall inside floors.
Hurriedly, select notions heeded, my spirits impeded,
My soul interceded apropos - Lenore -
Mortal now unchanging, but alive way before.

Foul curtain wisps, unnerving, vile wrath serving,
I was sweating as a warrior trembles, ready to break a drawer.
Hearts sway to averted evil, my essence like bitter heaval,
The statement, a retrieval sin "No, relinquish pernicious war,
Annihilate peace violently, Nevermore."

As I faltered, I replied, with a "Sir? Madam?" alongside,
Causes, claims, my amnesties, protracted plea for scant rapport.
"As undoubted meditation determines kin not clan or prelation,
Flaws in worthy quotations leave persisting vapid galore."
But meandering outside was uniquely a "not", or "nil", or "evermore."

Facing an obscene, unsightly dark: one lost patriarch,
Delusional visions, dreams for me had, but flickers of "Nevermore."
Definite pictures detailing, vagrant manes and I assailing,
Cruel if lucid: a prevailing, a disturbed espectador.
O, I heard utterly one "Lenooore."

The heat I palpated, beastly malignity, not desecrated,
Outrage shouldered by a pitch, that verberated antedoor.
Perplexed, "O what apparatus? Marvelous; the tone gravadus,"
Possibly only a window lattice forms mysterious hardscore.
As with ever beloved Lenore.

I then opened discursive screen, musing, thinking, misfortune foreseen,
To my marrow, such disarray transfered thoroughly, a narrow outscore.
Avid turmoil infuses fear, "O, a withered Raven yet arrives here,"
No one bird lives near bane if olid, apt outpour.
I supplicate pungent sense, now, Nevermore.

Melancholy soaring motions, petrify many grim devotions,
Uncharted: he intensates Pallas, remaining above doors.
I quickly dispatched to inquire, "Please, I maintain and conspire,
Varied signatures fiting my squire, O ink and a pen evermore."
Said Raven rejected the underscore.

Gracefully underlying, impious heads - or overflying,
Much less wrangling for one phantasm to expend decor.
"Pallas umbrageous or augmented?" Gliding Ravens reinvented,
Strong delight now scented, "I, a lit or voluminous exuberance, explore."
Contiguous pleasures fit, no monotony anymore.

Allurement, treasoned, I so notably used - ripe and seasoned,
Even finding sanctified name, epithet of him, forewarned.
Single questions fairly suggested, binding queries of forthright requested,
"Vex a primordial, a wild, a nested corporeal me, evermore."
The Raven's cognomen: a "Nevermore."

Contracted to avoid, while I ceded a stealthily deployed,
Search, quest craving some advice "Let mystery explore."
So I, "O, a Pi Raven: my aid" asserted, conveying cascade,
Assuming this life to evade, delectable bliss, adored.
Responded Raven, "Now listen... Nevermore."

Addled showing disdain, neglecting closest, depraved bird's name,
This ludicrous burlesque, having miniscule substance stored.
Feeling versatile, less sorrow suffused during just some while,
This eccentric astounding raven artlessly beguiled, playing guarantor.
For I detest the coming, imminent, accented, "Nevermore."

So the sepulchral impression, therefore provoked staunch obsession,
Yet I so enjoyed telling the traces I adorned.
Weakened as I dread, cold or epic revenants, interbred,
Disgraced as to sparingly tread, amongst terror and panic, I bore.
Stricken as he pronounced abruptly: an unruly "Nevermore."

Uplifted, enchanted scent, a fragrance for jovial dreams, outspent,
Indulgence now had a deviance, an aroma of degraded villainy, ashore.
"Luxuriate the honourable Nepenthe, hail righteous heroes - some gently,
Hence I undervalue Raven entities, as candescent unpointed ore!"
Addressed he, air incensing strongly of "Nevermore."

"Scum! Diseased marauder! Hastily disappear and run to saltwaters,
The primes of brave protectors, destroyed with such ire, O I deplore!
Shockingly, I now ask, bereaved, I subjugate knowing - disbelieve,
Future prospect, thus I grieve, I live foreboding the Plutonian inshore!"
Supervened, a "Nevermore."

"Wretched! You vicious, damned outrage! Posthaste fly, so disengaged,
Recede squatter and be deprived of ill inferred Lenore!
Ease gravid lift, withdraw scatheless from my household, swift,
Now, O I condemn the nightshift, O an orb!"
Reavowed a "Nevermore."

"Parting sentiments! Spoken shrewdly!" said I "Wraith a bird!" eschewedly,
"Now reimburse damaged pretension, a repletion, matching the restore!
Plumes removed dismantle the id, distortion fabric, promptly bid,
To infernal to the torment morbid, hell urping gore!"
Forcibly, spitefully, said he, "Nevermore."

Raven now: O, a statuary, compressed or not as egressed, unmerry,
Sitting, dreaming on, above abominable, loathsome trapdoor.
I penetrate such stare, unset, confront a broad low silhouette,
I suspect lurid, ghastly threats, I vibrate for Lenore.
I beg for us, harmonized, united, Nevermore.

- Allanpoe, E.