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Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Guns...

Awhile ago, my friend showed me Pimp My Gun. This site has a Flash driven app that lets you assemble the weapon of your dreams. It is basically a drawing program that has a library of hundreds of firearm components. There is so much room for customization. I tried it out and came up with the following guns:

So we sent a gun salesman to your mother's house, so you can nag mum to buy a magnum!

Jungle camouflaged AUG

So we put a flower in your gun, so you can have a pistil in your pistol!

Modified MP5-SD

So we told you where Karla Homolka lives, so you can snipe her like a sniper!

My attempt at the PSG1

So we sent some paratroopers after you, so you can shoot at their 'chutes!

Modified G36

So we put an ad in Soldier of Fortune, so you can buy magazines from a magazine!

Classic SR25

So we featured your gun in The Matrix, so you can see it get reloaded in Reloaded!

Classic M16 with grenade launcher

So we put a target sign on the stove, so you can take your range to the range!

Arctic camouflaged 98B

So we put you in touch with this guy who really knows his guns!

SCAR like weapon for jeeps