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A Few Lifehacks

There might be other people like me who get nothing out of forecasted temperatures like 21°C, 28°C or 35°C. Do I look at weather often enough to know what 28°C feels like? Of course not. The temperatures I really want to see are relative ones: 2 degrees warmer than yesterday, 6 degrees colder than last Thursday and so on. The problem is that most weather sites blindly assume that future dates are the only interesting ones. They completely erase past dates that you could use for points of comparison. So I went looking for a site that "back-casted" and found Weather Underground. This is a site that I will return to because it has archives of temperatures for many locations. This got me thinking about other hackish things that I do. Maybe someone will find these useful.

If you don't want binder rings to wear out as quickly, it's easy to insert pages without truly opening them. Just apply a bit of pressure to each ring one at a time. As soon as the ring opens by a crack, slip that part of the page in and repeat.

Inserting a page into an individual binder ring that is being slightly pushed open.

Another helpful thing is knowing where to put a fork or stirring spoon while you are cooking something in a pot. If there is a plate or cutting board nearby that is already dirty, use that of course. But if the pot is the only thing in the kitchen, the handle is perfectly good for fork storage.

A pot of boiling water with a fork wedged into the handle.

That's all I have for now. Maybe I don't have a very long list of good lifehacks because the main ones I see are so stupid.